Genuine Toyota Car & Truck Batteries

Another commonly overlooked, yet very important component of your vehicle is the battery. We get in our cars several times a day, put the key in, turn it, the engine starts and we drive away. Many times people neglect to check their battery, the components or understand what it does for the vehicle. All they know is they never want to be stranded anywhere due to a dead battery. One of our certified technicians can perform a complimentary battery and charging system to test to determine the condition of your current battery.

Toyota of Grand Rapids can install a genuine Toyota TrueStartTM or True-2TM battery that is specifically designed for your Toyota vehicle. TrueStartTM and True-2TM batteries provide superior performance with the right combination of cold cranking amps (CCA) to the optimal reserve capacity (RC) for all year round reliability.

Examine Your Current Car Battery

Here at Toyota of Grand Rapids we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. That is why we want you to use the following checklist to help determine if you need a new battery today. If you are unsure of where your battery is located or do not feel comfortable checking your battery then bring it in to us today for a FREE battery check.

  • Engines turns over slowly - When you are starting your car or truck, if you notice it is cranking slowly or the engine sounds different when starting it could be a bad battery.
  • Battery is swollen - If your battery is swollen or bloated it is time to replace it. Over the course of time, excessive heat will cause the battery to expand which decreases it's effectiveness and cranking power.
  • Battery is leaking - If you notice any acid corrosion (normally green) around the battery terminals where you will see two cables or the battery is leaking at the bottom you will want to get it looked at. Over the course of time the acid within the battery can seep out which will lower the starting power of the battery.
  • Battery fluid is low - Either look at the side of the battery or pop of the top cap (could have two) and examine the fluid level inside of the battery. If the levels are low it is time to replace the battery.
  • Battery light - If your battery light has come on, bring it to us immediately as there is a problem with either the battery or the charging system itself. Do not ignore this sign and leave yourself stranded. We offer FREE battery testing and our certified technicians can not only diagnose the issue, we can resolve it quickly for you.
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