Brake Service in Grand Rapids & East Grand Rapids

Keeping up with your brake maintenance and service is one of the most important things you can do as it is the only thing that stops your vehicle. You should always pay close attention to the warnings signs listed on this page when it comes to the performance of your braking system. If you notice one of these signs or still would like your brakes thoroughly inspected then give us a call. Toyota of Grand Rapids has the factory certified technicians to handle every aspect of your braking system. We are not just dedicated to providing you the best customer service, but to ensure the safety of you, your passengers and your vehicle.

My Brake Light Is On

The brake light on your dashboard could mean several different things. The easiest and cheapest fix for this is to check that your emergency brake is not engaged. Having your emergency break on will trigger the brake light on the dashboard in most vehicles. If your emergency break is not on, check your brake fluid level. If neither of those two things are your problem then we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us to have your entire braking system checked to ensure your safety.

My Brake Pedal Almost Goes To The Floor

When you push on your brake pedal and you notice it is almost touching the floor and your vehicle is taking longer to stop, you need to have that checked immediately. Failing to do so could result in complete loss of brakes and a potential accident for you and other drivers on the road.

Brakes Squeak Or I Hear A Grinding Noise

Most brakes have a metal pin in place that will make a squeal noise when you push down on your brake pedal. This is a warning sign that your pads are getting low and need to be replaced soon. If you had noticed the squealing in the past and now it is a more serious grinding noise then you are in need of immediate brake service. That grinding noise is metal on metal contact because your break pad has worn down completely (squealing noise went away) and now the empty metal pad is pushing up against the rotor. We do not recommend driving your vehicle with the braking system in that condition as your vehicle may not come to a complete stop and you can cause further damage to your car.

Steering Wheel or Front End Shakes When Pushing The Brakes

If you apply the brakes and you feel the front of your car, truck, SUV shake or the steering wheel vibrate, this could be a sign that your rotors are warped and need to be machined. When you push on the brakes, the break pads need a flat, even surface to rub against to slow your vehicle down. Over time, along with friction caused by using your brakes, the metal rotors will heat up and expand in certain places. When this happens they no longer have a nice flat surface for the brake pads to run along. If you are experiencing this brake issue, please give our certified Toyota service center a call today.

Toyota OEM Brakes Make The Difference

  • 100% Asbestos free
  • Lower dusting for cleaner wheels
  • "Like-new" feel
  • Longer pad life
  • Quieter braking
  • Smoother stopping
  • Rotor-compatibility to reduce pedal pulsation
  • Longer-lasting, Toyota-approved formulations
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